Synergy AV get a SMART new website

WITH CreativeĀ complete a new website for Synergy AV,Ā Cheshire’s leading SMART home technology supplier and installer.

Having previously worked together on their printed literature Synergy chose WITH Creative to create their new websiteĀ andĀ improve their online search presence through ongoing SEO.Ā The new website has been specifically developed to give an up-to-date insight into the business and showcase existing installations and projects where Synergy AV have helped create a range of smart installations such as theĀ Smart Bathrooms, Smart cinema rooms and intelligent security systems in Cheshire.

The new Synergy website isĀ built utilising WordPress CMS and isĀ responsive allowing mobile users to navigate the website more efficiently and gain a better all-round user experience.

As well as offering information on key smart home solutions, commercial security systemsĀ and smart home installations, the website will be up-dated more frequently by the client using theirĀ easy to use CMS. This allows them to keep their clients in the know of newĀ products, services,Ā what theĀ smart home possibilities are and how Synergy AV can help meet their smart technology needs.

The new website builds on the established Synergy brand but streamlines their offering into one easy to navigate site which was previously split into three, establishingĀ a more visually appealing andĀ focused website.

John Martin, Founder of Synergy, commented: ā€œWe are delighted with the overall appearance and development of the new look Synergy AV website. We spent some time working closely with the team at WITH Creative to gather key information on how we can make our site better for clients and new customers.ā€